Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

When you've been charged with a crime, you are already going up against one of the most difficult trials you will ever face. Whether the case ever makes it to court or not, you need to start defending yourself from the moment of your arrest. That's why it's essential to bring your defense attorney in at the very beginning. By including your representative while still in the early stages of your case, you may be able to avoid a trial and have a better chance at avoiding conviction.

Family Law and Domestic Violence

Facing legal problems is difficult enough. When those legal problems involve family, though, it's about more than just the law. It is also about the mental and emotional impact family legal issues have on your life and wellbeing. Working with an attorney who understands the particular emotional strain you are under when it comes to family law cases can ease the stress on the legal side of things, so you can focus on the personal aspect.


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