We Need A New Strategy

Ulysses S. Grant. We could use a man like him now. The attacks on immigrants have become systemic. Denaturalization, family separation, asylum restrictions, bond restrictions, immigration judge quotas, visa denials, public charge, the list goes on and on. What we must see here is the Trump strategy of attrition. In most of his legal battles he knew he was on the wrong side of the law. So to win he developed a strategy by which to make his opponents desist. Throwing one thing after another at them. Threats, lawsuits, procedures to obfuscate. The only difference now is that he has the most powerful law firm at his disposal: The DOJ. How to beat him? Choose the the one battle that will pierce through to him. One single aim. Focus the energy and the on a single goal and leave the rest. If we take this presidency on in every single front we will lose by attrition. So, don’t lose sight of the tree because of the forest. You only need to cut one down, not the whole forest.