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Attorney Lara E. Nations attended Florida International University College of Law and earned her Juris Doctor in 2014.  She was a law clerk at Olano & Associates from 2010 through 2015. Currently, she manages the Nations Law Group in Anchorage, AK. Ms. Nations focuses her practice on Immigration.

A Reputation of Excellence

Throughout her legal practice, attorney Lara E. Nations has cultivated a reputation of excellence among both peers and clients. Among her legal peers, she is well known for her extensive knowledge of the law, creative solutions and client-centric approach. Her clients know her for her compassion, integrity and dedication towards positive results. Attorney Lara E. Nations takes the time to listen to her clients’ legal problems and provides practice, effective legal solutions.

How Attorney Lara E. Nations Helps Clients

The immigration laws and system are complicated. Attorney Lara E. Nations helps clients understand the laws and regulations and navigate the immigration legal process. While you don’t need an attorney to become a U.S. citizen, she can help you avoid time delays and failing to provide all the documents needed for an immigration application. She assists existing U.S. citizens in filing petitions in helping them getting family-based visas for their spouses, children and parents. If facing deportation, attorney Lara E. Nations works hard to protect your immigration status. She understands immigration law, and will work to establish a strong deportation defense. She also ensures that all of the legal paperwork is done in a timely manner, as there are strict deadlines. Let her experience work for you if you need an immigration appeal or to file a request for prosecutorial discretion and stop your deportation. She also assists clients in cases of marriage fraud, attaining green cards and bond hearings.

The legal system is always evolving and changing. Attorney Lara E. Nations stays abreast of what’s current and applies an effective legal strategy and solution.