Courthouse Detentions by ICE

ICE has undertaken the practice of detaining individuals at state courthouses when they appear for matters unrelated to their immigration case.  The explanation given by the agency is that communities that do not place “immigration holds” on immigrants have “forced their hand” towards this practice.  This is utter nonsense.  ICE has a significant number of tools with which to locate and apprehend aliens who they consider high priority such as gang members or people with previous deportations orders.  One, they can simply look them up and detain them at their homes or other locations.  In today’s day and age, its almost impossible for someone not to leave a digital trail that will allow law enforcement to find them.  Two, if an individual is on probation for a serious offense and is on probation, ICE can detain him or her at the probation officer’s appointments.  Three, ICE may and does detain a significant number of individuals with criminal backgrounds while they are traveling in and out of the Unite States.  Just from these examples it is clear that ICE has other options beyond going to courthouses to pick up aliens.  The real reason is obvious, as with denaturalization cases and other actions, to send a chill through the immigrant community in order to have them “self deport” and/or creating legal hurdles to being in the U.S. Not OK as the person ultimately in charge of these policies has said.  If not look at the opinion of 77 ex-judges on this matter.

We Need A New Strategy

Ulysses S. Grant. We could use a man like him now. The attacks on immigrants have become systemic. Denaturalization, family separation, asylum restrictions, bond restrictions, immigration judge quotas, visa denials, public charge, the list goes on and on. What we must see here is the Trump strategy of attrition. In most of his legal battles he knew he was on the wrong side of the law. So to win he developed a strategy by which to make his opponents desist. Throwing one thing after another at them. Threats, lawsuits, procedures to obfuscate. The only difference now is that he has the most powerful law firm at his disposal: The DOJ. How to beat him? Choose the the one battle that will pierce through to him. One single aim. Focus the energy and the on a single goal and leave the rest. If we take this presidency on in every single front we will lose by attrition. So, don’t lose sight of the tree because of the forest. You only need to cut one down, not the whole forest.

I am an immigrant in Alaska.  When do I have to consult with a Deportation Lawyer?


First and foremost, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Alaska takes a very pragmatic and serious approach to the enforcement of immigration laws.  Rare are the cases of individuals who have not crossed paths with the law who find themselves in the sights of ICE in this state.  In other words, if you do not have a previous deportation order and/or have not committed a criminal offense that makes you deportable the chances of immigration “picking you up” are lower.  That does not mean that individuals who are in the United States without permission or out of status have a free for all.  Do not confuse a priority system based upon ICE’s resources with the idea that it is OK to violate immigration laws.  So, if you are out there as an immigrant (including residents or naturalized citizens – yes Uncle Sam can take your naturalization away under certain circumstances) with a criminal background or have a previous order of removal – even if you have TPS or are checking in with ICE- call an immigration attorney experienced with these type of cases ASAP.

Immigration Vote

Immigration and the anti-immigrant sentiment that the Trump administration has brought is hurting not only the core of american values, but it is encouraging violence against minority groups.  No one, no one can separate shouts to “punch him in the mouth,” “grab them …,” “throw them out,” “lock her up,” they are rapists,” from the violent actions against fellow Americans.  Worse the constant attacks on the media have also made it a target of violence.  This is absolutely against what this country was founded upon.  Finally, it is inescapable that Trump’s rhetoric has allowed for fringe groups to be validated and their message of violence, once appropriately seen as lunacy,  given a foothold within the ignorant and susceptible members of our society.   Lets be clear, immigrants are not to blame for the violence here and this course must be changed by those who are the backbone of this country – decent Americans who exercise their right to vote diligently (remember in number they were 3 million more in the last election).

Something is wrong here

The “caravan” from Central America comes at a ver convenient time for the Republicans, right at midterms.  Add to that some members of the caravan wearing “conspicuously” leftist clothing and video of monies being given out, and the question must be asked: who does this help? Well, being that immigration is a hot button issue for republican voters, the answer is none else than Trump.  And his use and reveling on the existence of the caravan further support the idea that, his “no collusion” with the Russians in the Facebook debacle is being repeated here in another manner. Either way his tiny little hands are full in.  The Caravan