Naturalization is the way Permanent Residents in the United States become Citizens of this country. To become a citizen (in the most common cases) you need the following:

I. Be a legal permanent resident of the United States for a period of no less than 5 years. IF you are married to a US Citizen that period may be reduced to 3 years.

II. Be physically present in the United States for no less than ½ of the 5 or 3 years of required period of residence AND without any interruptions greater than 6 months in those years.

III. Be a resident of the immigration district you are applying in for 3 months before the filing of your application.

IV. Be a person of good moral character. This a measurement taken in comparison with the community you live in.

V. Pass a US Civics test and be proficient English so that you can pass the Citizenship test. Here is a link to CIS information on the US Citizenship Test

ATTENTION: If you have EVER been ARRESTED or DETAINED by any state agency ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD you should talk to an immigration attorney BEFORE you file for naturalization. Doing so without the proper advice may get you deported or at a minimum in removal proceedings.

Citizenship is the greatest benefit you may obtain in this country. It would be our pleasure to help you in this process.