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Client Reviews

What clients say about our firm

He really cares

My domestic partner went to an appointment and was taken to Krome and then transferred to Glades. He had a deportation case. We went to Olano’s for a consultation and he explain with details why he was detained even when he had his green card and what we can do to avoid deportation. He was always available, his secretaries and associates are excellent and professional and they dont waste time. It was 2 month of agony for me but with his help and support and his team he is with me today and filling for citizenship with our layer help too. I blindfolded recommend him he really cares and will do everything under the law to help you and your loved ones!

– Emily (5 star review)

Excellent Lawyer Excellent Team

I am very satisfied with Mr. Olano’s work. My case was a long one and a bit complicated. Everything went very smooth with no complications at all. We i was three years old my parents signed a voluntary leave, we never left therefore we had a deportation order. Years passed and I got married. My husband is a US citizen therefore he could petition for me. We got married April 2010. We first went to see Mr. Olano in Aug 2011. We began our process Mr. Olano said it would take from 2-3 years. It took two years in the whole process. Like I said it went very smooth and Mr. Olano even got my appointment with the Judge re-scheduled for 6 months earlier than what I had it.

Overall I had a great experience with Mr. Olano and all his staff. They were always there to answer my questions and always kept me up to date with my case.

– Andrea (5 star review)

For facts in immigration consult and been honest I recommend him.

Answer all my doubts and honest.

– Francesco Pasqua (5 star review)

Straight talk with great results. A lawyer to hire.

With Nicolas we cut to the chase got exactly what we needed to win my case and did exactly that. It is nice to se a lawyer sit down and look at your case in depth. He studied the law and then proceeded to tell me clearly what I could an could not do.

– a Immigration client (5 star review)


He is an amazing lawyer!! I highly recommended. Thanks to him I got my permanent residence and he prevented me from getting deported back to my country! Thank you Nicolas!

– vanesa (5 star review)

Wonderful Experience – Muchas Gracias Abogado

This lawyer told me the truth about my case. He did not sugarcoat it and did what he had to do to stop the deportation of my husband. I will always be grateful. If your family is in trouble with Immigration Nicolas Olano will help you. He helped us. Mil y Mil gracias abogado Olano!

– a Immigration client (5 star review)

Very Happy with Mr. Olano

It was a pleasure working with him and his staff. They listened to my needs and represented me with great success in my deportation.

– Pedro (5 star review)

Great Lawyer!!

Highly recommended attorney, he helped keep our family united and we are for ever grateful!

– a Immigration client (4 star review)

Highly Recommend

Very knowledgeable lawyer, friendly staff! Our case went just as he told us, our family is very grateful we can finally live our lives in peace without fear of deportation. Thank you Olano and Associates

– a Immigration client (5 star review)

Great Service

He stopped Immigraton from deporting me and got me my citizenship!!

– a Immigration client (5 star review)