I am an immigrant in Alaska.  When do I have to consult with a Deportation Lawyer?


First and foremost, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Alaska takes a very pragmatic and serious approach to the enforcement of immigration laws.  Rare are the cases of individuals who have not crossed paths with the law who find themselves in the sights of ICE in this state.  In other words, if you do not have a previous deportation order and/or have not committed a criminal offense that makes you deportable the chances of immigration “picking you up” are lower.  That does not mean that individuals who are in the United States without permission or out of status have a free for all.  Do not confuse a priority system based upon ICE’s resources with the idea that it is OK to violate immigration laws.  So, if you are out there as an immigrant (including residents or naturalized citizens – yes Uncle Sam can take your naturalization away under certain circumstances) with a criminal background or have a previous order of removal – even if you have TPS or are checking in with ICE- call an immigration attorney experienced with these type of cases ASAP.

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  • We are Immigration Lawyers who live and practice in Alaska. As members of our community we are providing our clients with outstanding legal counsel and representation.  We are taking cases of Deportation Defense, Family Based Residency, Visa Petitions, Naturalization (Citizenship), and Asylum claims.  Our Anchorage immigration lawyers  are currently representing clients before  USCIS (Immigration), the Department of State (Consulates) and  agencies involved with U.S. visas and immigration.  Nations-Law-Group  attorneys are frequently going to court to defend clients who are being deported for crimes or immigration violations. Having more than 20 years of experience  our top-notch immigration attorneys are constantly handling various types of immigration cases.


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