We are a team of immigration attorneys in Alaska invested in providing our clients effective representation in all areas of immigration law. If you have been told your immigration case is complex, difficult or impossible, please come see us.  We have the experience, ability and dedication to vigorously pursue the outcome you seek. Our aim is to find effective solutions to the needs of our immigration clients.

Why Chose the Nations Law Group?

We are attorneys that live and work in Alaska, have gone through the immigration process ourselves, have handled immigration matters exclusively for more than 15 years, and have done so successfully. We have the dedication, the experience the ability to represent you or yours.  Plus we are in Alaska.

  • Location

Like most of our clients we live here, in Alaska.  So even though we exceptionally take cases from out of state, we primarily provide our services here. It is because of this that we have the knowhow to transfer a case to Alaska and handle it locally.  That way our clients do not have to travel or pay someone’s travel expenses to another state to handle their case immigration case.  Finally, it makes us available to our clients.

  • Experience

Our attorneys have been practicing immigration law for more than 15 years.  Mr. Olano has handled thousands of immigration matters all over the United States.  He has appeared before different federal courts and immigration offices in many jurisdictions.  Ms. Nations has been working with immigration related matters well before she was admitted to the Alaska Bar in 2015. She knows every position within an immigration law firm which gives her a unique management perspective.  Since her admission Ms. Nations has taken to a successful ending many T, U and other types of complex immigration cases.  If you are looking for an experienced team of attorneys that will look at your case from various viewpoints we are the immigration firm for you.

  • Ability

Our Anchorage immigration law firm has effectively represented individuals before Immigration Judges and Federal Courts when facing deportation for crimes, fraud or immigration violations – including denaturalization cases. We have successfully represented thousands of individuals in Alaska, Florida, New York, Texas, Virginia, Georgia, Washington, and many others states and countries with their immigration cases.  We regularly appear before USCIS (Immigration), Immigration Court, (EOIR and BIA), the Department of State (Consulates) and other administrative agencies (Department of Labor) that participate in the visa and immigration process to the United States. More than 15 years of experience in the practice of immigration law give our team of top-notch immigration attorneys the ability to oversee all types of immigration issues, from the everyday matter to complex multijurisdictional cases that involve different agencies, courts and jurisdictions.

  • Dedication

Mr. Olano is an immigrant himself who knows first-hand the expectations and issues that an individual has during this process.  This has given Mr. Olano, and Ms. Nations as his wife, a unique drive to get a fair shake for those who wish to live in the United States.

We handle matters involving: Deportation, Removal, Family Petitions, Family-Based Residency, Business Visas, employment-based residence, criminal immigration issues, family visa applications, Denaturalization Proceedings, Citizenship, Naturalization, Asylum claims and many more immigration matters.